Hey look!  A project that isn’t a baby blanket!  So I’ve had this project done for quite a while, but never took pictures.  I wanted soft carseat strap covers to keep the straps from rubbing against soft baby skin.  I used this tutorial and I am so happy with the outcome.  Please ignore the random thread hanging off the strap.
 They velcro over the straps and can be washed when they get spit up on.
 I need to make one for Pigg#1 too.  He’s in a backless booster seat now (since we have a Camry and that’s the only way to fit three carseats in the the back of it) and I think the seat belt might be uncomfortable for him at the neck.  Come to think of it, I’d like one too because I don’t like the feet of the seat belt on my neck either.
 Don’t they look so comfy?  And it’s nice that they match the carseat and his Robot blanket cover too.
Love my sweet little boy!  Especially now that he is settling into a routine and I can count on him to be eating and sleeping at the same times each day.