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I decided to ‘Break Ground” in a couple different ways this year.

Schooner Tee by Jeannine Deigns with Hazelnut Handmade

First off, I sewed up my very first pattern from Jennuine Designs. This Schooner Tee is a a really cute mash of a dolman and a flutter sleeve.  It makes a fun gathered sleeve effect. But it’s still a dolman and you only have two pieces!  I found it really clever.  I can see myself playing with the sleeves and fabrics with different drape to get all kinds of versions!  Plus, there is a dress length with pockets included!  I’m planning to use this white version with it’s high low hem for family pictures at the beach this summer.

Schooner Tee by Jeannine Deigns with Hazelnut Handmade

I had to make a second top with this mustard window pane fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics since my daughter isn’t allowed to wear the white one until after the pictures. She looked through my fabrics and fell in love with this print! Both versions are the high-low hemline shortened by 1.5 inches.

One of the things I really like about Jennuine Design patterns is it includes a cut chart for the neck band!  I alway measure the band pieces and use my rotary cutter to cut out my neckband.  But I usually forget about it until I am ready to sew on the neckband and don’t have the piece.  So then I have to pull out all the pattern pieces again and measure and then cut.  But with the measurement chart, I can go straight to the cutting part!  It’s Love!

Schooner Tee by Jeannine Deigns with Hazelnut Handmade

The Schooner Tee also has different cut charts for using cotton Lycra and ribbing.  Ribbing is generally stretchier with really good recovery, so if you use that it needs a different band length.  And its all figured out for you already. Plus, the charts are put on the pattern and within the pattern instructions. It’s really convenient.

Speaking of bands…here’s my second ‘first’.  I sewed the neckband on backwards for the first time.  It looked so beautiful, just with the seam in front!  I’ve sewn bands on inside out and unevenly, but never backwards…

I prefer pdf patterns with trim pages so I really smiled when I printed the Schooner Tee and saw that I need to break out my scissors. Trimless pages are harder for me to line up correctly than trim pages because my printer doesn’t print to the edge and pulls differently.  When I can trim the pages it’s so clear how to put the pattern together.  But trimming can take a lot of time.  

And that leads my to my final ‘first’ and I feel like it is truly ground breaking.  I used a paper cutter to trim my pages!  It was so fast, accurate, and painless!  I’m never using scissors to trim my pattern pages again!

Overall I’m so happy with these Schooner Tees and my first experience with Jennuine Design patterns.  I can’t wait to sew up some more Schooner Tees and try more patterns from Jennuine Designs!

Schooner Tee by Jeannine Deigns with Hazelnut Handmade