We blessed Pigg#3 a couple of weeks ago while family was in town.  I couldn’t find anything I liked to dress him in the stores that were in my price range so I decided to make an outfit out of one of Mr. Jiggs’ dress shirts.  Some how the first one (from a white shirt) ended up too small.  I’m not sure if I cut it out wrong or if Pigg#3 grew that fast.  So I tried again with this blue plaid so I didn’t use up all my white shirts if it didn’t work again.  I ran out of time to make another one out of a white shirt, so he was blessed in blue plaid.  At least he wasn’t naked!
Sorry about the blurry pic.  The camera focused on the wall behind us.  Bummer. 
Basically, I cut out the front and back the same size and had the front use the existing buttons from the shirt.  Then I added sleeves using the existing hems, a collar from the existing collar, and some snaps on the bottom.  But my snap tool was giving me trouble again.  Anyone have tips for making the snaps stay in the clothing?