Black Cat Socks

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Clothing, Girls, Women | 4 comments

October is the month for Halloween, but I have to admit…I’m not much for scary or creepy stuff.  And I hardly ever dress up for Halloween.  I am however, very into cutesy Halloween things.  So I made myself some Black Cat Socks as part of my contribution to the Monster Mash Blog Tour!  They are cutesy and can double as a ‘costume’ when my kids ask what I’m dressing up as!Black Cat Socks

Black Cat SocksI used the Cozy Critter Sock pattern from Peekaboo patterns.  It’s meant for kids and I have made several different animal socks for my kids in the past.  I’m made Pandas (a. dor. a. ble) Foxes, bunnies, penguins, and monkeys for my kids but never shared much about them.

Black Cat SocksNut#1’s feet are almost the exact same size as mine, so I knew I just had to made some socks for myself since apparently animal socks are not cool for my 10 year old son.  That’s okay.  I’m a confident woman and I’ve always loved fun socks.  I can rock my black cat socks and be festive at the same time!  Even if Nut#1 is too cool for them and thinks I’m crazy!  🙂

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