Over Christmas Break, my mother-in-law bought a bean bag chair for my kids so Pigg#1 could wrestle and play football with it while Mr. Jiggs is at school and work and busy…
But there was no way to wash it.  Not a good plan with little piggs running around.  So I made a cover for it that I can take off and throw in the washing machine.
 I found this fabric at a garage sale for a dollar and decided this was the perfect use for it.  I wish I had had 1/2 a yard more.  No matter how many ways I tried to piece pieces together, I couldn’t fit all the pieces out of the fabric let alone match up the stripes perfectly.
 Even using the selvage edges.  But its covered and looks okay.  And Pigg#2 loves to read books in it.  I think she’s adorable all curled up in it.  It’s the perfect size for her.  Thanks Grandma!