LDS Baptism Dress for my 8 Year Old

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My oldest daughter, Nut#2, turned 8 years old this summer.  Right in the middle of our move, actually.  And she decided to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It’s a bit of a big deal to us.  Maybe along the lines of First Communion in Catholicism.  To celebrate the occasion, my daughter and I collaborated on a special baptism dress for her to wear on that day.Baptism Dress

I have fond memories looking through pattern books and selecting fabric with my mother for my own baptism dress.  I wanted the same thing for my daughter.  We took a special trip to look through pattern books and she selected a pattern that was really cute.  But it had a tulle skirt and she has decided tulle is scratchy.

We settled on some elements of the dress that were really important to her and then I pretty much did the rest.

Baptism DressBaptism dress wish list:

Puffy, full skirt-because that is fancy

Soft-or feel good on her skin

Faux cap sleeves

High-low hem

Baptism DressI made sure to get all of those elements in her baptism dress.  I swapped out the tulle for a sweet floral and butterfly overlay and used the pieces from the pattern she picked to make the skirt high low.  It is quite puffy because the overlay, the skirt under the overlay, and the lining are all tightly gathered.  Despite all those layers, the baptism dress is light and airy.  Not at all heavy.

I merged the Caroline Party Dress bodice with the pattern my daughter chose-making sure to true the underarms (you can read my review of the Caroline Party Dress here).  Once I got  a bodice I liked I used the skirt pieces from the other pattern and made sure to completely line the dress.  No itchies or scratchies.  And I decided to add the band around the waist and the off centered bow.

Baptism DressMy daughter LOVES her baptism dress.  She feels fancy and takes great care to lift her skirt over grass and as she walks up the stairs.  But most of all, she feels special which is exactly what I wanted for her on such a special day.

Plus, I hope she knows I love her.

This is one reason I sew.Baptism Dress