Pigg #1 vetoed my Napoleon Dynamite idea for Halloween this year because he wanted to ‘be sombody’.  Instead he just wanted to use the superhero things I made for him last spring to be CTR boy.  Cool.  Less work for me.  Happy boy.  But then he decided Pigg#3 should not be a boy fairy, he should be a superhero too.  So here he is…
Mini CTR Boy!
 Power wristlets!
 On his way to save his Mommy!
 And a logo on his shirt.
 The cape snaps on and off.  Mostly because I thought that would be fun.  I used snap tape so I could take the snaps off the onesie if I decided I wanted him to wear it for real. 

It was SOOO fun to make.  Mini anything is so much fun.  And this seriously took me less than two hours to put together.
Happy Halloween.