Not only am I expecting a baby, but many of my friends in my church are as well.  So much of my crafting time lately has been trying to prepare for baby showers.  Fun, but I need to start making a bunch in advance instead of waiting for the day of.
My friend was having a baby girl and I had a green skirt I wanted to use in the gift, but now top to go with it.  So I found this shirt that Pigg#2 doesn’t need, but is the same kind of green and decided to use this tutorial to make a shrug to go with the skirt. 
 My only change was to also cut up some shorts that were in the same color of green to make a straight edge instead of a ruffled edge.
 Then I ruffled some of the extra fabric from the shirt and sewed a squigly design on a onesie.
 And added a ruffle to the bum part.
 And ended up with an outfit that looks like this.  Not your traditional pink girl outfit.  But fun.
 And the green color matched something else I made to go with the outfit. 
I love it when the parts of my gift actually coordinate.  Perhaps it makes up for my pathetic presentation skills.  I told you…I need to prepare ahead of time so I actually have time to wrap it and make the present part look good too because that’s half the fun, right?