Okay, I’ve already made this kind of blanket several times.  And shown them too.  But it’s hard to go to as many baby showers as I’ve been to in the last 4 months and not repeat ideas!  But I’m sharing this blanket because I love the print.
 I bought it at Joann’s shortly after Pigg#2 was born because I loved both the print and the color scheme.  Girly but not overly pink or flowery.  I wish I have bought more because I still love it and could have used more making matching burp cloths and such.  But I couldn’t find it at my Joann’s anymore once I actually had a use for it and I still haven’t tried buying fabric online.  I really like walking down aisles of fabric and feeling them as I go along. 
 When I take Pigg#2 she likes to reach her hands out too and say,”Feel ’em?”  Maybe I’m starting her a bit young, but I hope she’ll grow to appreciate sewing even if she doesn’t love it.