This is my all time favorite blanket that I’ve made ever.  Beside the Baby-life Quilt.  But seriously, it took huge will-power to wrap this blanket up and give it away instead of hoarding it for some distant future date when I have another baby girl.
I love the the birdy print and the sweet yellow polka dots on the other fabric.  The pinks are just my kind of pinks.  Soft but not pale.
I realized that curved edges work better for the Ric Rac edges so the edge came out perfectly.  And I realized that by sewing from corner to corner in a big ‘X’, the two pieces of flannel will stay together and won’t shift or slide.
You can see part of the ‘X’ stitch better in this picture.  Simple but still effective.
So now I feel like making Pigg#3 his own flannel blanket, even if it won’t have a crocheted edge.