Last week was a baby shower for a friend having a boy.  I made her a flannel blanket.
With a car appliqued on the blanket.
With the red stitching adding some interest in the plain navy blue backing.
 When I bought the bright striped flannel, I knew I had this navy blue flannel from my mom’s stash.  I thought I had a couple yards of it.  Turns out, I had 2 strips of about 12 inches by like 80 inches.  Long.  So I had the piece the backing for the blanket.
Then I made a matching bib and burp cloth and put a car silhouette on all three.  Top stitched with red thread.
Pigg#1 got very excited when he saw it and tried to convince me we should keep it for Baby Brother.  I love seeing him so excited on his brother’s behalf.  I love the bright colors.  That baby boy will hopefully love this blanket as much as Pigg#1 loves his.  Which is quite a bit.