I mentioned before that I’m making a baby quilt for Pigg#3.  Here’s my progress so far.  I LOVE the way it is turning out so all the trips to Joann’s and Goodwill (where I bought a full size white flat sheet for two dollars to use as the base) were worth it.  I got the idea and tutorial for it at the Moda Bake shop.  I use the BabyWise books with my infants to help them sleep through the night and get on a schedule so this was perfect for me.  And it seems like a really good beginner quilt since there is hardly any actual piecework to it.
After I bought my fabric I realized that I was drawn to the same color scheme used in the pictures.  I’ve always had that problem when looking at patterns.  I see the pictures and it’s hard for me to envision the pattern made out of a different fabric.  But I REALLy like this fabric.  Definitely boyish but still attractive with patterns and colors I want to have around me all the time.
 I tried out the clear thread as mentioned in the tutorial.  I deiscovered some important (to me) things.
1. You have to change the tension on your machine by about 2 lower because the clear thread is slightly stretchy.
2. Only the top of the machine is threaded with clear thread.  The bobbin has white or some other color (doesn’t really matter because it isn’t seen)
3. I don’t really like zig-zaging the edge of the applique.  It was leaving rather large holes in my base fabric–see it in the picture?  I changed my needle to a smaller needle and it didn’t help.  I decided it was because of the zig-zags, and not necessarily the quality of the white fabric.  And while I think zig-zags might hold up better over time and keep the letters looking crisper with less fray on the edges, I finally decided to just topstitch.  Anyone else had this situation?
So now the next thing to do is the actual quilting.  That’s the part I’m most nervous about.  I don’t want to ruin my quilt!  The more I like the project I’m working on, the more worried I get about messing it up and then I get very tentative and over think things.  I think I’ll make a doll blanket and practice machine quilting on it where it won’t matter when I make a mistake.  So it might be a while before there is any more progress on this quilt.  But Pigg#3 isn’t coming for another 3 months.  Just got to finish it before he gets here.