I’m still working on a quilt for Pigg#3.  I’ve never machine quilted before so I made a doll blanket to practice quilting before I actually quilt the Baby Life Quilt I started, and love, and don’t want to mess up.
I don’t have a walking foot or stippling/darning/embroidery foot for my machine and I wanted to know if I could do this without those accessories or if I really need one of those feet.
Here’s what I’ve decided.  If I do straight lines and take a lot of care to really pin the sides together, I’ll manage.  It’s a baby blanket and small so hopefully I won’t get into too much trouble!  I’ve got a few more tips to try to help my success got up.  I now know I’m not ready to try freehand quilting yet even though I like the look so much.  I definitely have more respect for quilters!

I used this tutorial for binding the doll quilt except for the hand stitching part.  I’ll save that for the real quilt since it takes a LONG time.  (I did that on a jean quilt before I got married and it took years to finish.  Of course I mostly worked on it in between semesters of college.)  Perhaps this method would have worked on the Satin Edge Blanket I made.  Now I can’t remember why I didn’t try that, or even if I had seen it at the time.  Hmmm.
 Pigg#2 likes the blanket and I think it turned out pretty cute myself.  Pigg#1 wants one too (no surprise) so he can wrap up his bear.
 Funny, I intended for the floral print in the border to have more red, but the pieces just didn’t end up that way.  I might like it better this way.
And the back is three pieces sewn together and looks better quilted than it did smooth.  It sort of hides the seams.
Maybe I’ll be brave enough to start the real quilt soon!  Or maybe I should practice on another doll blanket for Pigg#1’s bear…