Pigg #1 is into coloring.  And it is so nice.  He sits at the table and happily colors while I make dinner and my life is so much easier.  (I wish Pigg#2 would stop drawing on herself so I could do the same with her)
He also brings back lots of creations from preschool that need to be displayed for at least a little while.  My refrigerator was getting too full and Pigg#1 was getting frustrated when Pigg#2 pulled them off.  So we made one of these things.
It isn’t fancy or elaborate.  Just a painted board (sanded a bit for interest) with covered clothespins hot glued on top.
Then I used some router bits to drill some places in the back to hang it on the wall.
And we’ve hung it high on the wall, far away from Pigg#2’s curious fingers, and started to add the artwork.
Hopefully this will keep clutter off my refrigerator, table, and shelves.