Alpine Pants for Back to School

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Nut#3 rarely actually needs new clothes because he gets Nut#1’s hand-me downs.  However, he busted out the knees of his pants last winter-partly because they were already worn thin from Nut#1!  And Nut#3 hasn’t quite grown enough to fit the next size up pants.  Which means I got to make Nut#3 some Alpine Pants-and he has new, cool pants for heading the school and jumping around the playground and school!

Alpine Trousers

Okay, technically the pattern is called the Alpine Shorts and Trousers, but I can’t stop thinking of Wallace and Grommet overtime I say trousers.  So I’m calling them the Alpine Pants.

Alpine TrousersStyle

The Alpine Pants are color blocked in a really cool way.  It reminds me of skateboarders and snowboarders which is probably why the pattern is named the Alpine Pants.  None of my kids are really into that sort of clothing, so I kept my color blocking pretty subtle with different tones of blue denim.

Actually, this was my first time sewing with denim beyond hemming pants after cutting them into shorts.  Buying denim was an experience.  I didn’t know what weight I wanted–so I just couldn’t bring myself to commit and buy something online.  But when I went to Joann, all the denim was on sale for 30% so I couldn’t use my 50% coupon.  (Gets my blood boiling every time.  And makes me re-commit to trying online fabric shops!)  But the remnants were 50% off the current price.  I rummaged through the bin and managed to find two pieces close to the yardage I needed.  The darker denim on top is a 7 oz. denim.  It is thinner but softer and more flexible.  I thought that would feel the best at the waistline and top half.  The brighter denim on the bottom is a 11 oz. denim.  Thicker than the top material, but rougher and stiffer too.  Hopefully it will resist tears in the knees…Now that I’ve experienced what the different denim weights actually feel like I think I’ll be able to confidently buy denim online next time.

Alpine TrousersEven though I kept the denim colors subtle, I just couldn’t help throwing in bright yellow piping and pockets.  Well, the piping is cheater piping and just a folded piece of fabric sandwiched between the top and bottom.  It does the trick though.  And i love how if highlights the cool angled color blocking.


The Alpine Pants are a pretty loose fitting pant with a slight taper toward the ankle.  The rise is pretty high giving them a rather baggy look, but they seem pretty comfortable.  Nut#3 is just fine with these pants, but he is really easy going…


Nut#3 is a pretty skinny kid.  He is still wearing some 3t shorts this summer even though he is 6!  So I’m not surprised his waist measures a 3t for the Alpine Pants.  I had to blend his waist smaller for his new church pants too.  His height and hips however, measure a 6.  I made a size 6 but blended in to a size three for the waist.  Honestly, I wish I had only blended to a size 4t at the waist and just used the elastic measurement from size 3t.  The pants are a little snug to get over his hips but fit is waist nicely.  For once he doesn’t have to constantly hold his pants up when he runs!  I also took a generous hem and will likely let it down throughout the winter as he gets taller.

I’m so glad I made these Alpine Pants for my son and that he has at least one partly-new outfit to wear to school this fall!  That calls for a Fist Bump!

Alpine Trousers

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