As part of my “use fabric you have on Projects you’ve been meaning to do”, I decided to try out Dana’s circle skirt tutorial in my size.  I use it before to make this little Dorothy dress-up for a friend, but I had tons of this fabric and wanted to try an adult version.
I found the fabric at a yard sale probably two years ago and have been thinking about this since then.  It reminds me of those china bowls and plates…Blue Willow or something like that.
The elastic was pulled out of my favorite pair of workout/lounge pants after I wore them so much the elastic practically tore it’s own way out of the waistband.  I had to tweak the process a little so you wouldn’t see the black satins from the sweatpants.
 And then I made a matching skirt for Pigg#2!  I know I’m cheesy.  I’m beyond making matching clothes for my daughter and her dolly (Which I will happily do when she’s older)…I make matching clothes for me and my real live dolly!  🙂
 I’m calling it her Easter skirt…because she already had a gorgeous dress from a cousin and didn’t need a cute dress for Easter.
 We did take these pictures on Easter.  But no…we did not wear them to church.