How to Add Belt Loops to Pants

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Nut#3 got a new pair of nice dress pants for wearing to church-made by mom! He rarely gets new clothes because he lives in Nut#1’s hand-me-downs. But the church pants got holes in the knees- so I used the New Horizons Metropolitan Pants to make Nut#3’s new Sunday pants. I sewed them up, Nut#3 declared them great, and then as I helped him get dressed for church I realized they were missing something. Belt Loops.

I’ve made church pants for Nut#1 before (aww..look how cute Nut#1 is as a 4 year old!).  Back then I up cycled my husband’s old work pants into kid pants using MADE’s free Kid Pants pattern.  They worked pretty well and I was happy with the results.

But my sewing has improved over the years and I was ready for a bit higher level of sewing with a bit more professional finished product.

DIY Belt Loops

What do the Metropolitan Pants have over the free version I’ve used before?  They both are both pull on pants with flat fronts, elastic in the back waistband, and straight fit legs…

DIY Belt LoopsWell, the flat front on the Metropolitan Pants have a separate piece for the ‘waistband’.  New Horizon’s pattern also has a faux fly, front pockets (inside the pants, not sewn on the outside), and welt pockets.  Yes, you read right…welt pockets.  All these details combined make the pants look really nice looking.

DIY Belt LoopsBut they still needed belt loops for that extra cute factor when he goes to church (cause the belt is purely cosmetic…He’s so skinny it don’t cinch tight enough to be functional.) Luckily, belt loops are pretty easy to add.

Want to add your own belt loops for an additional professional (and cute) detail?  Here’s how I added mine.

Step 1: Make the Belt Loops

DIY Belt LoopsCut a piece of your pants fabric 12.5″ by 2″.  Iron the fabric in half length wise, then open up and bring each edge to meet in the middle, where you have a crease from ironing before.  Then fold it in half along the original fold and iron again.  You should have one long piece folded and ironed so it is 4 layers of fabric thick.

DIY Belt LoopsEdge stitch along both long sides of the folded fabric.  Cut the fabric along the length into 5 equal pieces.  Mine were 2 3/8″ each with a little bit of the fabric left over that I just threw away.

Step 2: Determine Belt Loop Placement

I measured and marked 3 inches on each side of center front, center back, and halfway between the front belt DIY Belt Loopsloops and the center back belt loop.  Those side belt loops ended up slightly toward the back and not exactly on the sides.  You can decide exactly where you want the loops to go, or even make 6 loops and have two belt loops on either side of center back.

Step 3: Attach Belt Loops

DIY Belt LoopsDIY Belt LoopsPlace a belt loop where a pin is marking.  It should hand off the pants, only overlapping the pants about 1/4″.  Remove the pin and sew across the edge of the belt loop, securing it to the pants.  Then fold the other end of the belt loop under 1/4″ and place it on the pants so the loop has some space between it and the pants.  This is the room for a belt to go through.  Sew through the belt loop.  You will sew through two layers of belt loop.

Repeat for the other belt loops.




I used some fabric from my MIL’s stash, but repurposing adult pants like I did when Nut#1 was little is a great way to make affordable, nice looking pants.

DIY Belt Loops

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