It’s the end of the year and I’m starting to get a bit reflective. Some projects have really worked for me this year and other have not. I’ve learned a bit more about what works for me and what doesn’t.

First I’ll start with the projects that are my favorites. It’s hard to narrow down because I have made a lot of things I really love and that we are wearing.

Me Made May 2018 Recap

1.T-shirts for myself! I especially love these dolmans I made with the New Horizons Designs Dublin Dolman. And I never properly blogged about my ‘perfect t’, but this T-shirt that started out as a SBCC Tonic 2 tee and got tweaked and changed and fitted and had the Hey June Woodstock Tee sleeve thrown on. It’s a fav. And I need to make more.

Back to School Cascade Tee with New Horizons Designs by Hazelnut Handmade

2. My daughters LOVE their Cascade Tees from New Horizons designs. (Here, Here, and Here) As in wear them as soon as they are clean. I especially like the nightgown I made! And I learned that lightweight rapier fabric does better than cotton Lycra.

Sleeve Cuff Hack with Hazelnut Handmade

3. Over the years I’ve made countless Deer Creek Dresses, but this color block striped one is my favorite! I wear it at least twice a month. I’d wear it more if I wasn’t already getting comments from people about how frequently I wear the same dress. That and I don’t want it to wear out! It’s practically my perfect dress.

Cherry Blossom Easter Dresses with Hazelnut Handmade

4. Matching my girls for Easter was also really fun. In all honesty-I rarely wear my peplum. Partly because my Sunday church responsibilities require me to be able to move freely and sit on the floor. But my girls wear these dresses often and I love it when they do. The dresses are getting rather short so I’m looking forward to making new ones for Easter this year!

Nordic Crossing Quilt with Hazelnut Handmade

5. This year I also got to test my first quilt pattern. It was a blast after not quilting for almost a year. I love how my Nordic Crossing Quilt turned out! And now I’m thinking of quilting projects to do…

And now for the projects that didn’t turn out quite like I envisioned or I’m just not wearing.

Rivage Raglan Peplum with Hazelnut Handmade

This relaxed raglan peplum out of lightweight jersey has become a bit too relaxed after washing. It’s comfy, but the armscye is too big and I can see into my shirt through the sleeves if I lift my arms much. I’ve reached for it a lot of times and then put it back after trying it on because of the sleeves. The other Rivage Raglan I made is out of cotton lycra and I wear it much more. Lesson: This is a lesson I am re-learning. Fabric choice makes a big difference in how clothing hangs, wears, and washes.

Hazelnut Handmade Ladies Caroline Dress

My Ladies Caroline Dress isn’t getting worn very often. Honestly-it’s because I don’t like to iron and the fabric absolutely must be ironed to look good. I still love the print-I just don’t like to iron…So I guess this is me learning that I really need to pick fabrics that are super easy to take care of.

Eleonore Pull On Jeans with Hazelnut Handmade

I’m also not wearing the Eleonore Shorts very much. I chose to use 2 inch elastic instead of 1 inch elastic because I thought it would help such in my mom belly and little. It does that, but it also makes the shorts ride up higher on my waist which then makes the pant rise uncomfortable. I made black Ponte pants using the alterations I made for the shorts but with 1 inch elastic and they are soo comfortable. I never blogged about them because I made them at the end of November and didn’t get around to making a post. So here’s a picture for proof. Lesson: Try the pattern as written before making major changes.

This one makes me cry inside. After I finished my knit floral bomber, I messed with the collar trying to improve it. I should have left it alone because now it is a bit short and the zipper itches my collar bone. I still wear it, but it itches and curls. And I kick myself because I made it worse in my attempts at perfection. Lesson-Sometimes good is enough and perfection can wait for another day.

Riviera Raglan Key West Mashup with Hazelnut Handmade

I’ve also learned that I don’t like how the swing style tops look on me. I mentioned that in my post about my Beauty and Beast t-shirts. Since then I slimed up the sides of that shirt and like the silhouette much better. Lesson: I don’t like swing tops.