2017 Favorite Makes

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As I was planning my 2018MakeNine, I kept thinking about how much fun I had in 2017.  Over on instagram, I shared my BestNine from 2017.  And several of my favorite projects made it there.  But I thought it’s be fun to share my 2017 Favorite Makes.  Because these are the ones that I am extra proud of.

Tami Revolution Hoodie


Lightweight Tami Hoodie by Hazelnut HandmadeNew Horizon Crossover HoodLast February I helped with testing this hoodie and I still love this burgundy hoodie I made for the test.  The color is a good color for me, I like the subtle sparkle, and I love how cozy it is but I still feel cute.

So I guess it’s not surprise that I also love this double hooded shirt I made with the Tami Revolution pattern.  I’m not sure how much I’ll get to wear these two pieces anymore now that I live in Florida and that make me a little bummed.  Because I really like them.

Just a note-the Tamie Revolution was revised in the fall of 2017.  I didn’t help with the revision and haven’t sewn up the new version so all of my version reflect the original fit.

Live Action Belle Inspired Dress

Live Action Beauty and the Beast Dress

Nut-Nut is still dancing around in this dress weekly!  Which is good, because I spent a lot of time hacking my pattern to create it.  The dress is showing a bit of wear from her days of wearing it constantly.  But it still fits and is still her favorite.  I’m planning to make one for Nut#2 because she’s outgrown all her dress-ups.

Easter Dresses

Hi-Low Dolman Maxi Dress

Bias Bodice Caroline Dress
I’ll lump all of these together because I made them at the same time.  My dress is perfect.  I love it.  I wear it frequently.  My girls Sahara and Caroline Party dresses are perfect.  I love them.  They wear them frequently.  Their two dresses came up exactly the way I imagined!  I sort of want to re-make all of them in different colors for this year because I like them so much…

Okay.  I’m also pretty proud of Nut#3’s Sunday Pants.  Which I made around Easter.  And now he’s busted a hole in the knee so I need to make new ones!

 Black and Hazelnut Striped Raglan

Bella Sunshine Designs Reagan Raglan

Softest shirt ever!  I made this shirt during testing of the Reagan Raglan and as part of a blog tour about the 2017 Pantone Colors.  It happens to feature the color Hazelnut…anyways, I love how it skims over my belly, but isn’t a tent.  The sleeves are just the right length, the v-nevk is the right height.  I wear this during the day and feel cute, and then I wear it to be and stay warm and comfortable.  It’s a favorite and is worn constantly when the weather is chilly.

 Baptism Dress

Baptism Dress

Sometime I make things and then just have to admire them over and over because it took so much effort or it turned out so well.  This Baptism dress is one of those projects!  My daughter wears it almost every Sunday and I get to mentally pat myself on the back every time.  And sometimes I poke my husband to whisper, “I made that dress” just to hear him saw how awesome it is too.  🙂

Scripture Cover

Scripture Case

I love this fabric and love that I get to see it every time my daughter pulls out her new scriptures! This simple scripture cover seems to make these scriptures just a bit more special to her.  I feel like its the perfect blend of girly but not little girl so my daughter likes it now but it will continue to be appropriate for her as she grows and turns into a young lady and then woman.

Summit Peak Hoodie

Cowl Hoodie

Nut#1 is still wearing this hoodie every. single. day.  His current favorite books are the Ranger Apprentice series and this hoodie make him feel like a ranger.  I love that I got him to wear a pattern-even as subtle as it is.  I should sew more for him.  He appreciates what I make and that’s an awesome feeling!

Tooth Fairy Pajama Costume

Rise of the Guardians Tooth Fairy Costume

These pajamas are some of Nut-Nut’s favorites.  I spent a lot of time figuring out how to make this tooth fairy costume so I’m happy she likes it.  Plus, the fabric is SUPER soft.  Some of my favorite ever.  Maybe I need to make something for me out of it-if there is enough left over.  With fabric like that, why wouldn’t it be a favorite?

Infinity Scarves

How to Make an Infinity Scarf

Growing up in Arizona, I never wore scarves.  And then as a mom of young kids, I never wore scarves because they got in the way too much.  But this past year I made at least 10 of these infinity scarves for myself and as gifts and I love them.  I finally understand why people like to wear scarves.  They are warm and cute!  And they don’t have to trail through your cooking or block your view when you bend over.  Plus, these ones just use one yard of knit fabric so they are so comfortable and affordable too!  It s great use for cute cheap knits that are too thin or won’t hold up well as clothing.  Love. These.  And planning to wear one tomorrow when the weather here actually gets cold enough for one.

See? I’ve gone from not liking scarves to finding an excuse to wear one!

Turns out my favorite projects from last year are the ones that my kids love and appreciate and the ones that I put a lot of time and effort into making just right.  Most of my Make Nine plans are for pieces that are going to take some time to get right.  Hopefully they will also end up in my 2018 favorite makes because all the effort pays off!


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